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Overcasting foot

Model No: A2-R

  • Spec3 : Snap on (One step)
  • Spec4 : 7mm type


2017 NEW for regular sewing machines.

Be used for : SINGER/BROTHER/JUKI, etc.

MOQ : 500 PCS

Lead time : 20-25 working days.

For some reason, we cannot show all information

in public, only show the suitable sewing machines as below.

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sewing foot.


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MORE Information

For the following sewing machines.

brother sewing machine models.

BB370, BC1000, BM2800, CE1100PRW, CE4000, CE4400, CE5000PRW, CE5500PRW, CE7070PRW,
CE8080PRW, CP6500, CP7500, CS100T, CS5055PRW, CS6000, CS6000I, CS6000T, CS80, CS8060,
CS8072, CS8150, CS8800PRW, DS120, DS140, DZ3000 Designio, FS20, FS40, FS40WT, ES2000,
EX660, HE120, HS1000, HS2500, Innov-is 85E (NS85E), Innov-is V3, Innov-is V5, Innov-is V7, JX1410,
L15, LB6770PRW, LB6800PRW, LB6800THRD, LS2125, LS2125I, LS590, LX2763, LX3850, NQ1300PRW,
NQ3500D, NQ700PRW, NQ900PRW, NS40, NS40E Project Runway LE, NS80, NS85E, NV1000, NV1200,
NV1250D, NV1500, NV1500D, NV2500D, NV2800D, NV350SE, NV400, NV400SE, NV4000D, NV4000DLTD,
NV4500D Duetta, 4750D Duetta 2, NV5000 Isodore, NV500D, NV6000, NV6000D Quattro, NV6700D Quattro II,
NV6750D Quattro 3, NV90, NV900D, NV90E, NV950D, NV950E, NV95E, NV990D, NX200, NX200 Innovis,
NX200 Pacesetter, NX200LE, NX200QE, NX250, NX400, NX400 Innovis, NX400 Pacesetter, NX400LE,
NX400Q, NX400QE, NX450, NX450Q, NX570Q, NX600, NX650Q, NX800 Laura Ashley, PC210, PC210PRW,
PC2800, PC3000, PC420, PC420PRW, PC6000, PC6500, PC660LA, PC8500, PC8500D, PE400D, PS1000,
PS1250, PS21 Pacesetter, PS3100, PS3700 Pacesetter, QC1000, SB3129 Simplicity, SB4138 Simplicity,
SC3000, SC9000, SC9500, SE1800, SE270D, SE350, SE400, SM2700, SM3701, SM8270, SQ9185, ULT2001,
ULT2002D, ULT2003D, VM5100 DreamCreator XE, VM6200D DreamWeaver XE, VQ2400 DreamCreator,
VQ3000 DreamWeaver, VX1435, XB2510, XL2600, XL2600I, XL2610, XL2800, XL3500, XL3500I, XL3500T,
XL3510, XL3750, XL5500, XL5600, XL5700, XL6452, XL6562, XM2701, XR1355, XR3774, XR4040, XR46C,
XR52C, XR65T, XV8500D The Dream Machine.

SINGER sewing machine models.

9410, 9420, 9440, 9960, 9970, 1409 Promise, 1507wc, 2010 Superb, 2250 Tradition, 2259 Tradition,
2263 Simple, 2273 Esteem II, 2277 Tradition, 2932, 3116 Simple, 3321 Talent, 3323S Talent,
4210 Inspiration, 4220 Inspiration, 4228 Inspiration, 4411 Heavy Duty, 4423 Heavy Duty, 5500 Fashion Mate,
5511 Scholastic, 5523 Scholastic, 6160, 6180 Brilliance, 6199 Brilliance, 7256 Fashion Mate, 7258 Stylist,
7430, 7442, 7463 Confidence, 7462 Touch & Sew, 7466 Touch & Sew, 7467 Confidence, 7467S Confidence Stylist,
7469Q Confidence Quilter, 7470 Companion, 7470 Confidence, 8280 Scholastic, 8763 Curvy, 8770 Curvy,
8780 Curvy, 9920, 9960 Quantum Stylist, Athena, Featherweight 75, H74.

babylock sewing machine models.

BL1550, BL1556, BL2160, BL3800, BL6150, BL6200, BL6600, BL6700, BL8800, BLMJZ Jazz.

Bernette sewing machine models:

46, 55, 56, 65, 66, 80E, 82E, 90E, 1055, 1065, 1080E, 1090E, 2055, 2056, 2066, 2082E, E55, E65, E66, E80E, E82E, E90E

Elna sewing machine models.

8000, 9000


7mm sewing feet always suit most of household sewing machines.

Not sure? contact us via mail at renjyico1965@gmail.com

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Zig zag over casting with A2-R

This foot is regular size for SINGER, brother, JUKI, etc. (Home or industrial sewing machines)

This is by far and away the easiest and most accessible method of overcasting on your sewing machine.

If your sewing machine can zigzag, you can do this stitch.  

You don't even need a special foot, just set your machine stitch and sew close to the edge of the seam allowance.

RENJYI's manual recommends using the Overedge Foot A2-R rather than just the Universal or Satin Stitch feet,

as it has a guide to help you sew in the correct position and little metal teeth within the foot that stops your thread from

pulling too tight and puckering your fabric edge.


This stitch can be used to make a seam at the same time as finishing the edges –

in the same way as an overlocker.  If you do this make sure.

you have adjusted your seam allowance to 5mm (1/8″) or whatever your sewing machine requires.  

Remember the sewing machine won't trim away your excess fabric in the same way as an overlocker will.

Sewing machine requires the Overcasting Foot A2-R for this stitch,

which has a fabric guide to help sew straight and wires on the foot to help the threads lie properly.

The double overedge stitch has two rows of zigzags which help secure very ravel-prone fabrics

such as linens or garbadines.  It used the Overcasting foot again A2-R and gives a lovely,

robust, strong edge to your fabric edge.

SINCE 1965& 1995


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