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Model No: 990211000A

  • Spec1: Design for JANOME sewing machines
  • Spec2: #11 75/11 Needle system: HAx1 SP
  • Spec3 : For Regular Embroidery sewing

Model Number : 990211000A

Alt. Part Number : 9902110000 / 9902110000-A

Fits : JANOME / REGULAR sewing machines

For : Ball Point Needles

M.O.Q. : 100 CLEAR BOX (500 PCS)


Details : renjyico1965@gmail.com


MORE Information

JANOME sewing machine needles will fit all home sewing machines.

This Ball point needles 990211000A design for JANOME, but also fit all sewing machines you have.

After we testing, 990211000A use for all embroidery for regular fabric

How do I know what type of these needles, please check the following photo.



Tips :

  1. The needle eye and the long groove do not become clogged with adhesive backing and
    foams during embroidery work.
  2. The needle is particularly suited for sewing on self-adhesive elements.
  3. The wide range of additional characteristics make sewing many – even difficult – materials much easier:
    This is why “super” is included in the name.


Suitable fabrics : 

  1. For elastic or highly elastic knitted fabric.
  2. Hook-and-loop tape
  3. Material processing from thin to thick

Available needle sizes

          75 / 11 - Ball point 990211000A

Special features

  1. Non-stick surface.
  2. Ball point eye. 
  3. Prevent skipped stitches when sewing 

Point shape

            Large / Long ball point

Color marking



About the description from JANOME original company : Check here to learn more !

Ball point Needles -

These are relatively new needles in the JANOME range of needles. These are ''ball point'' needles so are especially good

for sewing knits and synthetic fabrics. Like the blue tip needle, they prevent flagging due to the special design.

However, the purple tip needle is a larger needle than the blue tip needle -

The ball point is a size 75/11. Not only does it have a ball point, but also has a cobra head.


What suitable sewing machines ?

You may ask us this question.

We won't say any suitable sewing machines, because these SEWING NEEDLES are UNIVERSAL for HOME or INDUSTRIAL.

but we will give u some comment : (all you can found via renjyi.com)

Beginner : SINGER sewing needles.  It is easy to get.

Advanced : JANOME / SCHMETZ.

Senior : PFAFF / VIKING.


How to change sewing needles :

1 - Before change needle, please switch the power of your sewing machines.

2 - Place a piece of cloth undermeath in case of needle dropping.

3 - Don't fix the needle too tightly to avoid deformation or astant.

4 - Mind your fingers during exchange as the needle tip is very sharp.

     (That's why this will make the blue / red / purple tip color for you)

5 - proper use will extend the life time.


This product RJ-ANT1 allows you to change the needle easily and also Needle Threader.

Please check the following description for RJ-ANT1 from RENJYI.com


Turn off the power switch.

Holding the grip (A),

insert the needle into the needle clamp and push it up as far as it will go.

Then tighten the needle clamp screw firmly while keeping the holder in place.




  1. Turn off the power switch.
  2. Hold the grip (A) of threader with mark (B) up. Guide the thread, inserting it into the Y-groove (C) of the knob from right to left.
  3. Place the V-groove (D) over the needle just above the needle eye.
  4. Slide the threader down the needle while pushing it gently until the threader pin goes into the needle eye.
  5. Push the grip (A).
  6. Remove the threader from the needle slowly. Then pick up the loop with the hook (E) pulling the end of the thread out to the back.

We offer sealed card, double folding blister, regular card package.

1. Double Card & Double Blister ;

2. Sealed Card ;

(Please kindly contact us for more package details)

For series 1 package, we can offer 5 size to you. Check the following Size.

Type 1.  8cm X 8cm Double folding

Double folding Blister size : 8X7.5X2cm (lenght X width X height)

Capacity of product : 5X4X1cm (length X width X height)

Type 2.  7.5cm X 15.5cm Double folding

Double folding Blister size : 15.5X7.5X2cm (lenght X width X height)

Capacity of product : 5X4X1cm (length X width X height)

Type 3.  7.5cm X 15.5cm Double folding

Double folding Blister size : 15.5X7.5X3cm (lenght X width X height)

Capacity of product : 5X4X2cm (length X width X height)

Type 4.  7.5cm X 15.5cm Double folding

Double folding Blister size : 15.5X7.5X3.5cm (lenght X width X height)

Capacity of product : 7.5X5X3cm (length X width X height)

Type 5.  10.5cm X 18cm Double folding

Double folding Blister size : 18X10.5X4cm (lenght X width X height)

Capacity of product : 8X6.5X4cm (length X width X height

For sealed card package, we offer 1 type to you.

Series  9.5 X 9.5 cm sealed card package (1 sewing foot in)

Card size : 9.5 cm X 9.5 cm (length X width)

Sealed size : 3 X 3 X 1.5 cm (Length X Width X Height)

----------Others 3in, 5in, 15in, 10in belongs to OEM/ODM.

Contact renjyi1965co@gmail.com for more detail.


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